Meet The Cluckers is a viral video which records five chickens in a front garden with the camera man sitting in the house filming them, while moving the camera to each chicken and saying their names in a comedic manner. The video is 24 seconds long and was uploaded to YouTube by user meet the cluckers and Jeff Wiggles on Vimeo on Jan 16th, 2013.

Meet The Cluckers

Meet The Cluckers

Above: the Meet The Cluckers video on Vimeo.


The video failed to go viral after being on YouTube and Vimeo for almost four months, as the YouTube video has failed to even gain 100 views. YouTube channel meetthecluckers has so far only uploaded the original video since Jan 16th.

More infoEdit

Another video was uploaded to YouTube titled Meet The Cluckers a week after the original was uploaded on Jan 16th by user Lynne PoodleChick, which user meetthecluckers told her that they had copied their 'uniquely titled video' to attempt to gain popularity. Lynne replied that the title was not unique, and that it was common for a video about chickens to be given such a title.

The video was filmed using an Apple iPod Nano 5th Generation. There was originally no purpose of the video other than simple randomness. When viewing the video afterwards, however, the filmer decided to upload it to the internet after realising that the originality of the video may be popular online.

The filmer has also created a Twitter account @meetthecluckers, posting only a few tweets and following a limited number of Twitter users. The Twitter account is advertised on the YouTube video in a comment.


The filmer records 5 chickens, calling them Black Chicken, Roast Chicken, White Chicken, Chicken Dips and Chicken Korma. Chicken Dips is suspected to be called Chicken Dippers as its full name. In the video, Only Black Chicken and Roast Chicken can be clearly seen. The other three chickens semm to be hidden behind a bench in the garden.