Note:This article is about the Does It Include Yoda? meme and is not a real world internet meme, but is used as a more personal meme.


The phrase 'Does It Include Yoda?' originated when Argos advertised a Lego Star Wars set, the Armoured Assualt Tank from the Lego Clone Wars Lego range. The Argos catalogue showed the product along with an icon of the Yoda figure which a clear caption stating 'Includes Yoda'. Before it was a meme, me and Tyler would often talk about Lego Star Wars sets, and when we talked about the Armoured Assualt Tank set, the other person would often say 'Does it include Yoda?', because we are wierd.


The phrase is nowadays used as something random to say at random times. It is also one of the oldest memes said before they were called memes. The phrase also created more usage of the word 'include', including 'What does it include?' which is basically used to ask the other person what they think they should do.

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